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Tirupati, located in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most visited shrines in the country and is one of the most lucrative shrines in the country. The temple of Sri Venkateswara Swamy (also known as Balaji) is famous not only in the country but also in other countries. Large numbers of devotees visit Swami Darshan, especially in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Cambodia.

Tirumala is one of the seven hills in Tirupati where the main temple is located. It is believed that Venkateswara took the form of an idol in this temple and hence the name Govinda is commemorated.

History and Construction of Tirumala Temple

The history of the Thirumala Temple dates back to the 15th century during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is said that the emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire, Sri Krishnadeva Raya, performed many pujas.

The Thirumala temple is believed to have been built entirely in the Dravidian style.

All these are evidences of the Sheila inscriptions available there.

Tirupati is one of the oldest cities in India and is mentioned abundantly in the ancient Vedas and Puranas.

Thirumala Venkateswara is known as the Lord of the Fulfiller of Desires. That is why many people, including many celebrities, come here to visit Tirupati Balaji.

The surroundings of the temple are always a remembrance of the name of God

The surroundings of the temple are constantly ringing with the chanting of the shlokas like ‘Om Namo Venkatesaya’ and the name ‘Govinda Govinda’. That is why in the temple premises the mind seems to be meditating on a peaceful part.

The view of the main temple is phenomenal

At the sight of the eight-foot-tall idol of Venkateswara Swamy, one goes into ecstasy and in the presence of God – everything about Sri Venkateswara Temple is extraordinary and yet marvelous.

Spread over an area of ​​26 km, it is crowded with thousands of pilgrims every day. And visited by around 50,000 to one lakh pilgrims every day, this temple is also commonly known as the Seven Hills Temple.

Places to visit in Tirupati

There are other temples in Tirupati like Sri Kalahasti Temple, Sri Govindarajaswamy Temple, Kapila Theertham, Kondandarama Temple, Parashurameshwara Temple and ISKCON Temple.

Papa Vinashanam Located 8 km from Thirumala. Devotees believe that bathing in water here removes all sins. From here water is supplied to the tirumala. The dam built for the reservoir here is called Gogarbham Dam.

Akasha Ganga is located about 3 km north of the Srivari Temple.

Sreevari shilaa Toranam a unique geographical marvel, which is a must-see rock formation at the Tirumala Hills.

Sri Venkateswara National Park

Venkateswara National Park is located on the way to Thirumala.

The Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as foxes, hyenas, leopards, panthers, bear cubs, wild dogs, wild cats and flying lizards. This includes moist deciduous forests and dry deciduous forests. Rare native plant species such as Red Saunders, Shoria talura, Shoria thumburgia, Terminalia pallida, Sandalwood, Sycas bedndomy, Cigsium alternifolium, Xylotum nudum grow in the area.

The people of the area say that the animals in the forest came to the temple premises in the wake of the lock-down during the Covid Pandemic. That means we can understand what the weather there is like during Lock Down.

Transport facilities to Tirumala

By road

There are four bus stands in Tirupati. Thirumala can be reached by buses from here. The first is the Sri Venkateswara Bus Station opposite the railway station. Buses from Bangalore arrive at the Balaji Link bus station at the average Alipiri tollgate. There is ample space to park tourist vehicles. Buses from Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada reach Saptagiri Link Bus Station (Large Bus Stand). There is a Sri Padmavati bus station behind the railway station for tourists arriving in groups in private vehicles.

By rail

The nearest railway station to Tirumala is Tirupati. Trains to Tirupati station are available from all major parts of the country. There are RTC buses from the Sri Venkateswara Bus Station opposite the railway station to the hill. If you book reservation tickets and cottage accommodation in advance, you can get out of the station and go up the average hill.

By air

The nearest airport is the Tirupati Airport near Renigunta. There are direct flights to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

If you want to reach Tirupati after reaching Tirupati, you have to travel by bus or other vehicles to 22 Kilo metres. The road is winding in the middle of seven hills. Due to the congestion on the way up and down the hill, there are different ways to go up and down the hill.

Tirumala can also be reached on foot from Tirupati. Devotees see revelation through this walk as a virtuous act, a rite. The walkway landscape is very nice.

Alipiri is the only walkway known to all. There are two ways to reach Tirumala hill. The road from Alipiri is familiar to everyone. Speeding this route takes about four hours. The second trail to reach Thirumala is from ” ‘Srivari Mettu’ ‘. The journey on this route takes only an hour. Local people used to go to business sellers’ ingredients like milk, yoghurt and flowers are taken up the hill and sold by the same route. The route is scenic and scenic.

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Accommodation in Thirumala

However, we have already mentioned that a large number of devotees come to this temple so if you plan in advance about the darshan and accommodation then there will be no problem for accommodation and darshan facility.

You will first know all the things through the mobile application through the official website of Thirumala Devasthanam. Darshanam, Swami Puja and accommodation on the TTD Online Service website can be booked online and your visit can be arranged without any hassle.

You need to register with any official identity card before booking a dormitory room. The rent for booking a room is From Rs. 100 to 1500.  Are available to the rich and poor.

Dining in Tirumala

The dining facilities in Thirumala are also excellent. There are many other hotels under the auspices of the temple besides free food donations.

The ending

However, in view of the current Covid-19 situation, the temple is allowing devotees with certain rules and regulations.  All the very best.

Above all, going with family, going with friends and going as a couple is going on with a kind of devotion. So, the journey will be comfortable if you plan accordingly.

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