Medical Tourism in India

India in the field of Medical Tourism and its Growth

India is on the rise in the field of medical tourism. Is providing far better medical services on par with developed countries. Low cost, yet for a few years India sees this country as a powerful country in the tourism sector as well as in other sectors.

The nations of the world are watching the progress of the medical field in India from ancient times to modern times. And think that medical tourism in this country will get more encouragement as there is awareness on alternative medicine. The better facilities provided by our country have the potential for more people to come to the country for medical care.

In India medical tourism destinations are: Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Vellore and Hyderabad. Whereas Goa, Alleppey is special for ayurvedic and naturopathic.

Treatments in Chennai Medical tourism

Chennai is a hub for medical tourism in South India. Low expensive and high-end medical treatment and cutting-edge technology and English-speaking doctors are causing patients to come to Chennai.

Medical Tourism Advantages

Many medical tourists choose Chennai because of the lower costs of health care here than world-class treatment and facilities, some of which are offered at just one-fifth the price in the UK.

Chennai, with the second longest beach in the world, has many beaches such as Western-style malls and cinema halls that seek entertainment.

Day trips can also be made to nearby hill stations like Elagiri Hills or Yercaud or to the temples of Tiruvannamalai or Tirupati. The proximity of Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry attracts tourists with their temples, beaches and museums.

Medical procedures

Chennai Hospitals offer a wide range of policies. There are specialist hospitals for Heart surgery, Orthopaedics and Eye surgery, Bones and Joints, as well as specialist clinics at city hospitals for things like Plastic surgery. Dental care in Chennai is also known for its attractive prices, and all cosmetic procedures such as crowns and veneers for teeth whitening are offered.


Chennai Hospitals offer a full range of services to patients, from airport pick-ups to private chefs. Chennai is the headquarters of the award-winning Apollo Hospitals, the largest healthcare provider in Asia. Guidance procedures are performed here, including total Knee replacement and multi-organ transplant.

Mumbai Medical Tourism

Medical tourism destination is growing rapidly in India. Mostly super specialty hospitals, diagnostic centres and weight loss and Orthopaedics research centres. Mumbai is famous for its cosmetic surgery and Ayurvedic treatments.

With superior treatment facilities and many private hospitals Mumbai has become a fast-growing destination for medical treatments.

And if you want to get energized quickly turn to the nearest beach. You can also see the Gateway of India and other interesting places around South Mumbai.

Goa Medical Tourism

Foreign tourists often go to Goa for leisure and it is now also becoming a hub for medical tourism. Goa’s natural environment, its popularity among visitors and the support provided by the government to promote health and wellness also helped it to become a medical centre. When you visit the Goa city for medical reasons you may visit Goa beaches or Bonda Wildlife Sanctuary etc. to rejuvenate your body and soul.

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New Delhi Medical Tourism

The national capital is home to many excellent private hospitals that offer specialized facilities to foreign patients, including packages for general surgery, eye surgery, heart care and neurosurgery. Even if you are in the city to get treatment if you visit Jama Masjid or Lotus Temple to refresh your mind and body and so many heritage places like Qutub Minar

Ahmedabad Medical Tourism

Ahmedabad is another city that is becoming a medical tourism destination in India. Thanks to world-class hospitals, many residents prefer to seek treatment in Ahmedabad. It is the largest civil hospital in Asia. When you visit the city for medical reasons you may want to visit various lakes, Adalaj Stepwell etc. to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Alleppey in the field of medical tourism

Alleppey in the state of Kerala is known for its natural beauty which is a specialty in world tourism. In addition to nature and culture, Kerala has a unique opportunity in the field of medical tourism.

Kerala has traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Panchakarma, Kalari etc. that are not available anywhere else, attracting patients from different parts of the world. Along with this modern medicine is also very popular in the medical tourism area.

Because of the low cost and compatibility of medical systems with developed countries. In their countries where patients face high fees for procedures such as cardiac surgery, dentistry and cosmetic surgery, patients from the West and the Middle East have started looking towards India and Kerala in particular.

There are many specialized hospitals in Kerala that provide specialized care for critical medical conditions. The quality of health care provided by doctors, nurses and support staff makes medical tourism in Kerala a priority for patients seeking health care solutions in India. Covers the efforts taken by the Department of Tourism for the development of medical tourism and the implications of these efforts. In the growth of medical tourism.

Also, the beauty of Alleppey backwater for those who come for healing can help to keep the mind calm and recover quickly.

Wellness Tourism in Hyderabad

Hyderabad now has world class medical facilities and service-based quality health care attracts tourists at limited cost.

Healthcare is the most expensive in Western countries. A trip to Hyderabad to India for alternative dentistry or IVF treatment is a great solution. This tour guarantees well-being and hospitality.

After all, what better way to recover from surgery than to treat yourself? With the money saved you can travel around Hyderabad and around. Or looking for refilling spa and beauty treatments, shopping or drowning.

The beautiful city of Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘Pearl City’, is the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana. As the fourth most populous city in the country, Hyderabad is a wonderful blend of many races and religions that came together beautifully to form the glittering city that flourished under the rule of the Nizams at a wonderful time in history. From Hyderabad, once the global hub for the diamond and pearl trade, it has been improving and thriving over the years without losing its fictional lustre.

The world famous ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ should not be forgotten.

As a tourist destination, Hyderabad has many great historical sites and the famous Chaumahalla Palace has also earned its niche as a UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Site.


The development of medical tourism in the country and employment, health care will benefit the country’s economy.

Our country’s hospitals are on par with the best standards in the world and follow global policies that enhance the quality of health care.

Surely, the future of medical tourism in India looks very bright. And is considered one of the best destinations for costly medical treatment worldwide.

If weaknesses are carefully reversed, sector growth will greatly benefit all shareholders in the value chain.

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