Kondagattu-North Telangana Temple

Kondagattu Lord Anjanna worshiping top of the hill

Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy or Anjanna Temple is situated on a hilltop amidst beautiful hills, valleys and fresh water springs and is dedicated to Lord Hanuman with daily pujaas and remembrance of Anjaneya Nama. The temple is decorated with sculptures of gods and goddesses on its facades and walls. Kondagattu Hanuman Temple is one of the most popular deities and shrines in Telangana.

This temple is located at a distance of 3 km from Mutyampeta village in Malyala mandal of Jagityala district in Telangana, the joint district of Karimnagar. It is 15 km from the district centre of Jagityala.

Kondagattu Lord Anjaneya
Lord Anjaneya

The temple is surrounded by hills, valleys and ponds. That is why this field got the name Kondagattu. There are a lot of monkeys here. The people of this region worship Hanuman as the most glorious deity and the largest number of devotees come from all over Telangana and other parts of Maharashtra, Orissa. It is widely believed that through this god people will find a cure for many ailments, demons and ghouls, such as come here. According to Puranas, devotees believe that if they worship the god here for forty-one (41) days, all their troubles will be removed, children will be born to the childless, and all the sufferings will be removed.

That is why this temple has gained more importance. The temple has idols of Venkateswara, Alwarula and Lakshmi Devi along with the main deity Anjaneya Swamy.

History of Hanuman Temple

According to temple history, during the battle between Rama and Ravana, Lakshmana fainted and Hanuman took Sanjeeva to the mountain to bring Lakshmana back to his senses.

About four hundred years ago, a cowherd named Singam Sanjivudu came to Kodimyala village to graze his cattle in this hilly area. Meanwhile one of his cattle escaped from the herd. As he could not find the cow, he searched and searched for the cow and fell asleep under a tree. In his dream Anjaneya Swami came in dream and said I was here in the bush. He asked me to protect him from the sun and rain and to identify the idol to find the missing cow and disappeared.

Sanjeeva got up and searched the bushes and found the statue of Anjaneya Swamy. Sanjivani came in a shower of joy with pure devotion, touched the Lord’s feet and bowed to the Lord by raising his hands. Immediately his cow, thrown from a distance, called attention with a vocal amba.

Sanjiva, who was in the ecstasy of devotion, was overjoyed. Swami immediately informed his friends and colleagues about this and with their cooperation he built a small shrine for them. According to folklore, the present temple was renovated by Krishnarao Deshmukh 160 years ago.

Here Anjaneya gives darshan with two faces which is the specialty of Kondagattu Anjanna. One is the face of Anjaneya Swamy and the other is Narasimha Swamy. That is why this temple is said to be very powerful.

Since then, the importance of this temple has grown so much that it has become one of the most popular shrines with regular worship. The Bethaala statue and the naturally formed Koneru Gutta can still be seen in the temple premises. From the top of this hill, you can see the city of Jagityala and many natural scenes.

Kondalaraidi Gutta

Kondagattu Kondalaraini gutta

Kondalrayu the Maharaja there with the enemy kings he fought heroically and escaped with his horse from the top of a high hill near a gorge, so that high hill was named Kondalaraini Gutta.

This is story the local persons tells. And who visit the temple those certainly visit the same place and discuss about Kondalaraidu his daring adventure. That without being caught by the enemy

Pujas, donations and services

In the surroundings of Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy temple, devotees regularly perform many pujas, noms and annadana. Lord Vahana is particularly popular for worship. Most of the people come here for puja first with their newly bought vehicles. People come here for picnics to spend their weekends. Devotees can also visit the famous Vemulawada Raja Rajeshwar Temple, which is 40 km away from the Kondagattu shrine.

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How to reach temple

There are several buses daily from Karimnagar and Jagityala district center to reach this temple.

Accommodation and dining facilities

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