Goa – Bogmalo and Vagator Beaches

Peaceful Beaches in Goa Bogmalo and Vagator

Bogmalo Beach – Goa

The small state of Goa has an expansive stretch of coastline as well as a beautiful coastline along this coast, further enhancing the beauty of the rivers that flow into the sea. Each beach is unique and is set towards the Arabian Sea. Bogmalo Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Goa. It is a very simple wonderful beach that is known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is located in the famous closed port metropolis of Goa, Vasco. It really became a very easy fishing village. Then it attracted fancy on visitors and it started to commercialize. But, despite the commercialization, Bogmalo is actually a favourite tourist destination due to its clear sand and less crowded due to the serene surroundings.


The seashore in Bogmalo has clear golden sand towards the calm azure sea. The beautiful sands of the beach look very beautiful using the coconut trees along the beach side. The waves rush lightly towards the shores with an erratic rhythm. The waters are very safe for swimming. There are actually countless seaside cottages and food joints that offer fun Goa cuisine to capture the bite. There are many handicraft shops on the beach which are great for carrying some souvenirs on the go. The beach is the best for all the visitors who are vacant among the favourite beaches in Goa and the beach is at a discount for some peace and tranquillity.

The seashore in Bogmalo is somewhat marked for that Oberoi resort, which is very closed by the sea. It could be an open-air restaurant offering exciting waters and a lovely clock on the beautiful beach sand. The restaurant has a cool sea breeze all day long. It is a wisdom to wave at the divisions in the restaurant and eat at the market. Many visitors come to see this strange restaurant.

But the different intriguing problem that visitors appreciate drowning on the beach in Bogmalo is exploring the ships to the silt on the coast and visiting the amazing little islands nearby. Seashore in Bogmalo is a long way from actually a diving college. It may be the only one of the two beautiful schools in India that offers distinctive programs in open water diving. They offer many endeavors for people who are new to diving.

However, there are many fishing villages along the coast in Bogmalo. The beach also has a variety of food joints that specialize in delightful Goa cuisine and seafood along the beach side. At these eating places the helpers wander among the visitors and serve them food suitable for the beach. It could also be the perfect picnic spot.

The vast open beach with its flat terrain and beautiful surroundings attracts visitors in the serenity of the seafront in Bogmalo. The fact that it can currently be isolated on the very small beaches of Goa enhances its charm. This is a perfect place to invest your vacation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Vagator Beach – Goa

Vagator beach

Goa is a modest coastal state, well known for its tropical climate and its beautiful beaches, directly along the coast. It is a tourist hotspot in India. Vagator Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. The landscape is dotted with palm and coconut trees and is the backdrop to the former fort, Chapora Fort, built by the Portuguese. Vagator beach is very close to Mapusa Street and is about 22 km from the state currency Panaji.

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Unlike other beaches in Goa, Vagator Beach is less crowded and more relaxed. So, the beach is definitely the perfect place to get a peaceful, tranquil outing around the silver beaches. But the added uniqueness of Vagator Beach is that the shade of seawater changes from unique aquamarine blue to emerald green. The beaches are adorned with small tourist cottages, decorated in a variety of colours such as fuchsia, purple and clear yellow.

At Vagator Beach, you can also see local fishermen dressed in their traditional attire, going out to sea to catch fish and returning with the fish. Goa women and children dressed in colourful traditional costumes are waiting for your fishermen to roam around the shores. As soon as they come back, they all celebrate Day Catch.

If these people are very pleasant and take the initiative to befriend them, they will enthusiastically fill in the details of the voyage and may even volunteer to include you on their next voyage. Community fishermen are very friendly and fun and for them, you will find celebrations practically every day.

You will find a bunch of makeshift cafes at the southern end of the beach, mainly Israeli crowds. It is very suitable for any budget with enough time on hand. You have the opportunity to stay in guesthouses or rental homes to stay at

Vagator Seashore. It is a good idea for visitors to visit Vagger throughout the off-season, as finding accommodation during peak seasons can be very problematic.

To reach Vagator Seashore, you can take a flight to the nearest airport, Dabolim. It is 22 km from Vagator Seashore. You can find regular bus providers from Dabolim to Panaji. Buses are easily available from Panaji and Mapusa to Vagator beach. Scooters or bikes can be rented to get to Vagator Seashore. The locals are very pleasant and helpful and fortunately do not give hints to visitors. Also, there is an alternative to buying a taxi. But make sure you have a discount on the taxes quoted by taxi drivers, as they have a tendency to constantly quote somewhat increased costs. Once again, it is best to give a discount for problems purchased from road sellers or on the beach.

When visiting Vagator Seashore, one should definitely try the rich Goa cuisine as well as the selection of seafood there. You will find many cafes and eateries on the main street. For any beautiful leisure trip on the silver beaches, Vogator Beach is the perfect place. It has an extra relaxed atmosphere in contrast to other beaches and is ideal for any lazy siesta under the sun.

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