13th century Kakatiya Ramappa Temple in Telangana

Ramappa Main Temple

What is the history of Ramappa Temple in Telangana?

Ramappa Temple is a Kakatiya style Hindu temple where Lord Shiva is mainly worshipped. It is 15 km from Mulugu mandal (new Mulugu district), 66 km from district headquarters Warangal and 209 km from Hyderabad.

According to an inscription in this temple it was dated 1213 CE during the reign of Kakatiya king Ganapatideva and built by army general Racharla Rudra. Historians estimate that the construction of this temple took about 40 years. This temple is known as Rudreshwara temple and the name of the sculptor Ramappa who carried out the works of this temple has been established for this temple. The Ramalingeshwara temple is known as Ramappa temple. This temple is a magnificent masterpiece built by the Kakatiya kings. One of the reasons why the name of the sculptor is fixed for this temple is that it was built by the master sculptor Ramappa with excellent sculptural art.

The constructions of the Kakatiya period were all done in the Chalukyan style. The temple was partially damaged during the attack of Delhi Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. Later the archeology department repaired this temple.

Beautiful sculpture art carved in the temple
Ramappa Temple is a testament to the skill of sculpture

Technology and modernity of the time Ramappa Temple was a university

Opposite the main temple is the idol of Nandiswara
Opposite the main temple is the idol of Nandiswara (Image: Self)

This temple is built with red and black stones with a good combination of North and South Indian regions. The peak of the temple is built of light but hard bricks that float in water.

Ramappa Temple, if you look at this structure patiently and attentively, Ramappa Temple seems like a universal school that tells many things like mathematics, architecture, conceptual architecture and ethics, romance, devotion to God and patriotism with ease and skill of sculpture. One of them is Perini Shiva Tandava Dance. All this makes you want to visit this temple again.

Inscription pillar at Ramappa Temple by Recharla Rudra
Inscription pillar at Ramappa Temple by Recharla Rudra

A stone inscription in Telugu-Kannada language on the black stone of the day in the north-east direction of the temple precincts is declared by Recharla Rudra that the inscription mentions the historical features of the construction period of the temple. The magnificent Nandeeshwara that seems to be alive opposite the main temple in the Ramappa temple precincts is about 800 years old, but the Nandi is only 20 years old.

The architecture of this temple is absolutely amazing, the sculptures in the Ramappa temple are smooth and tender with oil. The pillars and dancing sculptures with amazing sculptural art and the elephants are sure to be mesmerized by the sculptural beauty of the elephants.

Why I am writing so much is because you can see the dancing postures of the most beautifully artistically and creatively designed sculptures on the walls of this temple. Each sculpture on each pillar amazes us. These sculptures have deep meanings beyond expectations. If there are many of these sculptures, then the creatures are correct whether they are in the sculptures or in the rock. If you touch a sculpture in front of the sanctum in this temple, you will hear a sound heard by the Veins.

Ramappa Temple is a temple for devotees, a pleasant place for tourists, a lexicon for researchers, an interesting sculpture art scene and a lesson for anarchic forces. This is the amazing history of Ramappa temple which is hundreds of years old.

A desi dance style called “Perini Shiva Tandava Dance”

This dance is the main dance of Veera Rasa which inspires patriotism and devotion to God among the people and soldiers. With the fall of the Kakatiya kingdom due to foreign invasions and wars, indigenous arts were destroyed. Perini dance is also one of them. But Sri Nataraja Ramakrishna revived the Perini Shiva Tandava dance based on the dance sculptures carved in the Ramappa temple.

"Ramappa Temple is the first UNESCO recognized building in the Telugu states"

Temple has been recognised as UNESCO world heritage site

That’s why UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage after looking at the whole precedents full of so many features. The architecture of this temple is unique due to Kakatiya art, exquisite carvings and excellent sculptural craftsmanship. That is why this temple got recognition as “Kakatiya Rudreshwara (Ramappa) Temple, Telangana” as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 25th July 2021.

Ramappa Temple Lake near temple
Historic Ramappa artificial Lake
Historic Ramappa artificial Lake

It is the oldest pond in Telangana state. This pond was dug and constructed during the construction of Ramappa temple. It was built by Recherla Rudrudu himself. Ten thousand acres of irrigation water is supplied through this pond.

This pond was dug out with a hill on one side as a boundary. Many tributaries feed the water into this pond. Thus, it survives the rainy conditions and is always drenched in water. And is also popular as a tourist destination. The facilities here are also developed by the government as a Harita resort and boating.

How can tourists reach Ramappa Temple?

Long-distance tourists can first reach Hyderabad and reach Warangal or Hanmakonda, the old district headquarters of Pidapa, then take a bus to Mulugu (now the district headquarters) and from there reach the Ramappa temple, one kilometer away from Palampet village. But those coming from different places can come by buses or taxi as per their transport facility.

Accommodation facility available there in Ramappa

A Harita Resort and Restaurant arranges food facility is also available here.

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Lake View Resort Ramappa – Telangana Tourism

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